InstaScope is the next generation of air testing.


Every Room

Unlimited samples with instant results allow you to test the whole property.  Remove the guesswork of where and when to sample.  One flat cost for a whole-property report with unlimited samples.

Instant Results

 Stop waiting on the lab.  InstaScope is an instant microscope that puts the power of the lab in the hands of technicians in the field.  Instant results mean more efficient jobs and more engaged customers.

Better Technology

 Next generation optical technology developed by the military and commercially hardened for everyday use.  Peer-reviewed science in a field-tested package made for technicians.

What People Are Saying About InstaScope

The InstaScope has changed my career. I have gone from a commodity service provider to a trusted consultant and expert for my customers.
Michael Miles, President ServiceMaster Of Newark

Spore trap sample results are dependent on the skills and experience of the sample taker and the microscopist. Old technology is “blind” in a lot of situations because of the sample and analysis limitations. Consequently
we have been trying to do environmental investigations using the principles of science but with a very blunt
tool. With InstaScope the analysis is consistent and the sampling is much more comprehensive. It’s like the InstaScope had “cataract surgery” and can see really well compared to traditional cassettes.
Joe Boatman PhD, Principal Quality Environmental Services

We are making a lot of traction in terms of opening doors with property management companies and our mold division is booming because of it. Prior to the Instascope we were closing mold leads at a 12% closing ratio... which is rough. Since we got the InstaScope in February we are up to a 51% closing ratio on mold leads. The InstaScope instilled life into my mold division!
Greg Denison, President ServiceMaster By Disaster Recon

What we found is that (the InstaScope) can process a lot more particles than any microscopist could. We can get a lot bigger sample size. It can do so on a composite basis meaning we can get a time-integrated sample instead of a grab sample. The machine doesn’t lie. It’s ability to resolve certain factors i.e. size, fluorescent intensity, color, is better than we can store and record them in our eye and relate them into data. So the variance or variability in the response of this is a lot tighter than people. It is a very useful tool that way.

Mark Hernandez PhD, PE Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering University of Colorado