Fox 5 Onsite at a Water Loss with InstaScope

A few weeks ago an InstaScope instrument made an appearance on FOX 5 News in Virginia with founder of Valor Mold Removal, David Myrick. David uses an InstaScope in his Water Loss jobs to see just how much mold is present or becoming airborne during the remediation process. Allowing him to follow IICRC S500 guidelines, and get the job done, the right way.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

 You can’t manage what you don’t measure. It’s a simple idea and a part of our daily life as water loss restorers. All of us use a moisture meter to setup the job, monitor the drying, and confirm an effective result. However, when it comes to managing airborne contamination on the loss site, we are forced to make decisions and take responsibility without measurement data to back it up. The only option has been to bring in an outside consultant or send samples off to a lab and wait for results. That process is too slow and too expensive to be a part of most water losses so we assume the risk and responsibility and make the best decisions we can.  

This outdated process means that airborne contamination created by air movers goes unmeasured and unmanaged on most jobs creating exposure risks for the occupants and the workers and liability for the restorer. The S500 has a lot to say about, “providing for the health and safety of workers and occupants” and the restorer’s responsibility to “control the spread of contaminants to minimize further damage”. It’s good direction, but in order for the restorer to manage it and, as importantly, get paid for their time and equipment, they need the ability to measure what is happening in real-time just like moisture-data is used today.

The InstaScope is a new technology that gives restorers the power to make better decisions and more effectively bill for their work. InstaScope is an “instant microscope” that allows the restorer to measure airborne contamination on the job and replace the guess work with facts. Just like moisture data, the real-time results allow us to know when and if additional measures need to be taken; and support our billing of time and equipment to do the job right.

This technology is field hardened, the process is clear, and the billing codes are being used by restorers daily. If you want to learn more, we have outlined the process and billing details in the InstaScope Water Restoration Quick Start Guide .

The science of water restoration has advanced and the standard of care has been elevated. Real-time measurement and management of airborne contamination is here and with it comes the opportunity to do the job right and make more money doing it.

Welcome to Our New Site

For the last several years we have been hard at work refining the InstaScope technology, supporting our customers, and building the business models that are used today.  During that period we have limited our efforts to grow and "get our name out" because we were determined to stay focused on producing the best possible product before releasing it to the world at large.  Today we are excited to take the first step toward that broader market release with the launch of our new website!  We are confident that our years of hard work to bring this revolutionary product to market will change the way that business is done in the restoration, inspection, and commercial production communities.  We're looking forward to sharing more about InstaScope, the science and best practice of indoor air, and our next generation model for measuring and managing air quality.