Instant Microscope. No Lab Required.

Sample, Analyze, and Report On Site

Capture a sample, put it under light, optically characterize it, and report the results.  This is the process every microscopist in every lab follows and now with InstaScope that process is available to you directly.  InstaScope is an optical spectrometer that counts and characterizes bio aerosols on a particle-by-particle basis.  This means that the inspector can leverage the power of a microscope without the time and cost associated with sending samples out to the lab.

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Every Room. Every Time.

Unlimited samples with instant results

Traditional air sampling is too expensive and time consuming for inspectors to take more than a few samples per job. InstaScope allows you to sample every room in a property and get the whole picture. Instead of trying to match up air testing results with your notes days after the inspection, InstaScope provides immediate air quality information while you are on site. Sample under different environmental conditions, conduct near-source investigations, instantly re-test, and clear jobs before you leave them. The possibilities are unlimited.

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Easy To Use.  Easy To Understand.

Intuitive For Operators and Understandable for Customers

Technology democratizes access to content. Advances in technology have allowed more of us to access tools and information that were once solely the domain of an elite few. InstaScope harnesses the power of next-generation optical particle science and puts it in the hands of the technicians and inspectors with an interface that is intuitive and requires minimal training to operate. More importantly, InstaScope creates reports that are easily understood by the customer and provide an experience that is second to none in the industry.


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Beyond Data to Information

Green / Yellow / Red.  Precisely Concise.

The InstaScope report takes sophisticated data and boils it down to straight-forward results. A simple “stop-light” color assignment eliminates the guesswork and delivers a report that makes sense to the end-customer. Data without context is interesting but rarely helpful. Traditional sample results are full of Latin words and rows of numbers with no context. InstaScope delivers precise data and goes a step beyond to help inspectors deliver a report that makes sense intuitively to the customer.

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Air Moves. So Does InstaScope. 

Dynamic and Distributed sampling removes limitations

InstaScope samples are real-time and mobile and that means a more accurate and representative sample every time. The ability to move through the space dynamically means you can sample all breathing zones and areas of the room. Stack effect, HVAC dynamics, and other building pressurization dynamics can push bioaerosols past the field of view of traditional sampling methods. With unlimited samples and real-time information InstaScope takes sampling to a whole other level.

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How Many. How Different.

Pattern recognition and statistical analysis

Comparing the differences between air samples is how inspectors better understand the property they are inspecting. Does sample A have a higher concentration of total spores than sample B? Does sample A have a different composition than sample B i.e. is there more of a specific type of fungi or other bioaerosol? It’s also common to compare results to a database (either published or anecdotal) of “normal” airborne populations.
InstaScope revolutionizes this time consuming and highly variable process by bringing the power of digital processing. InstaScope uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze the particle data and produce results that are consistent and unbiased. InstaScope’s statistical difference engines reference the exterior aerosol, other samples in the set, variations in the local sample, and a national database of statistically derived thresholds.

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Fingerprints on the Fly

Next generation optical signature library

InstaScope is the first instrument to reference an optical “signature” library for real-time detection and characterization of airborne biological particles. We worked directly with Dr. Mark Hernandez and his group at the University of Colorado to create this library by culturing, aerosolizing, and capturing the optical properties of over 75+ fungi, bacteria, and pollens with the InstaScope. The results of this work have been published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals and constitute the first work of its kind. This library is constantly growing and allows the InstaScope to differentiate between the major bioaerosol classes.


The primary bioaerosol classes have optical signatures that make them unique from each other

bioflourescent spectra

InstaScope measures the size, bioflourescent spectra and intensity of every particle it samples and checks it against a regularly updated library of signatures.